Chef Diego discovered his love of cooking as a small child watching his Italian grandmother cook family recipes. With an undergraduate education that started in Biochemistry and ended at the International Buenos Aires Hotel and Restaurant School (IBAHRS) Diego is uniquely prepared for life as a chef. Internships at the Claridge and Albear Palace Hotels taught him old world Argentinean traditions before he fine tuned his culinary voice at the International Hyatt of Buenos Aires and Buzios, a small boutique hotel in Brazil. Chef Diego became the face of Argentinian cooking for millions of international viewers of the hit show Cotidiano where he taught new and healthy Argentinian cuisine. He also taught as a professor at IBAHRS before traveling the world to work at St. Kitts and Nevis at the Marriott Resort and as well as Marriott Chicago. Happily, Chef Diego landed in New York City where he has worked at the Rivington Hotel at the Lower East side and then moved on to become the Executive Sous Chef at the Mandarin Soho (where he continues to provide his expertise as a consultant) and the Innside NY.